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In life we choose all things except the time of death; it is the one 
choice denied in a ‘civilised’ society, where the preservation of life 
takes precedence over an individual’s wishes.  Micah is slowly dying 
from a fatal illness and he has decided that he will not fade away; 
Micah has chosen the date of his death.  But he needs help.  In a 
society where the very act of assisting someone to take their own life 
is seen as a crime, will help be forthcoming?  Giri is an atmospheric 
piece with minimal dialogue, where two cultures, separated by 400 years 
and thousands of miles, come seamlessly together in present-day England.

Terry O’Neill is highly regarded in the Martial Arts world, having won 
the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) National Championships 
Individual Kumite & Kata 6 times and becoming the KUGB Grand Champion 3 
times.   He is a 7th Dan in Shotokan karate and the founder and 
publisher of the well-respected martial arts journal 'Fighting Arts 
International'.  As an actor he has appeared in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs 
of New York, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Entrapment and many 
others.  He has also done extensive work on British TV with Linda La Plante.

Terry Ezra has studied Aikido and healing arts for over 40 years. He is 
respected in many parts of the world for the quality of his instruction 
and is renowned for his understanding and sensitivity. In January 2006 
he received a promotion to Shihan from Hombu Dojo, Aikido World 
Headquarters, and in 2008 was awarded 7th Dan. His life is dedicated to 
the development of the human consciousness and the spreading of peace 
and harmony, through his intensive training and teaching of Aikido. 
Giri is his first film.

GIRI (DVD PAL Region 0, 13min 57sec)
PRICE      £5.95 + p&p

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